Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mom Life: Separation Anxiety / Bedtime

I'm back! 

After a long hiatus to focus on family life and my everyday work life, I am back and so excited for the future and what I have in store for this blog. I have some exciting things planned so I hope you stayed tuned.


In our home, we are currently struggling with separation anxiety with our little 2 year old. It started two weeks ago when I went out of town to Washington, DC for a week. I came back and she is so fearful that I am not going to be there in the morning that our bedtime routine has been full of tears and anxiety. G fights going to sleep every night, when previously she would gladly go to bed and not fight us on it. We always said we were really blessed with an easy child… I guess this is payback for having it easy from newborn until now. Last night she woke up 5 times crying and saying she doesn’t want to go to sleep, when you can clearly see that she is exhausted. So fellow parents… I need help! Any tips/tricks you can share on getting your little one to go to sleep and stay asleep without the crying? And how to tackle separation anxiety? It truly breaks my heart to see her so distraught over the fear of me not being there in the morning.

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