Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Home! Filling a home.... Home Decor!

Wow, what a summer! I feel like summer goes by incredibly too fast however this year it seemed to fly by even faster. We had a busy summer. We sold our first home, moved in with my parents while we waited to close on our new home. We have been in our home for a little over a month and are slowly putting it together. I don't like to rush to purchase items just to fill a room and complete it. I like to take my time, search high and low and find the right items to fill a room. We still have lots to buy. We went from a 1400 sq.ft house to a house double that size, plus some. We still have lots of items to hunt for and purchase. 

We need to furnish a formal dining room, find area rugs, fill a kitchen (so much space!), find a new informal dining table, coffee tables, end tables, art, furnish a guest room and a loft which we are creating a family movie room. So much to do! Below are some of our favorite finds to date:


Who doesn't need a cute mini strainer for fruit?!

Safavieh American Home Collection Lexington Console Table, Distressed Cream



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